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Controversy abounds when it comes to Tinnitus 911 and it seems as if there are some disgruntled writers of reviews. However, on closer inspection of the reviews words like “doubt” can only lead you to believe that the writer of the review has never tried the Tinnitus 911.

To be honest, I have no idea why folks who have never tried the product can have such fervently opposing views to those of us who have experienced some of the benefits of Tinnitus 911.

It seems to me that some of these folks have nothing better to do with their time other than to try and damage the reputation of a product and denigrate the years of real research and development that has been painstakingly undertaken to offer Tinnitus sufferers a solution to an already exacerbating medical condition.

In my review of Tinnitus 911, I will be objective and truthful and relay my experiences of Tinnitus 911 while at the same time give you my experiences of living with Tinnitus.

Living with Tinnitus and potential causes

Living with Tinnitus can be an awful experience for those of who live with the condition day in and day out. There seems to be no respite from this all invasive soul destroying condition.

Tinnitus comes in many guises but has a commonality to the condition, which is often referred to as ringing in the ears. Yes, for some ringing in the ears is the symptom but for many others the noises experienced in the inner ear are hard describe but nonetheless are equally as disturbing.

There are many common causes of Tinnitus, such as over exposure to extreme loud noises which concert goers may experience. Or Tinnitus that has been cause from occupational exposure such as working in a loud factory setting.

There is also Tinnitus that can be caused from head trauma, an accident where you may have suffered a head injury or whiplash to the neck. You may have experienced blows to the head when playing college football or even on the soccer pitch with constantly being in a position where heading the ball is your best option for the team.

All of the above activities may result in nothing or an eventual and gradual onset of Tinnitus. In my case, Tinnitus was a gradual onset. And to be honest, I didn’t suspect anything from the slight noise in my inner ear. It started the same as when you hear that noise in your ears in the middle of the night when there is total silence.

Anyway, for me over many years the condition developed into full blown Tinnitus (if there is such a term). Now, I live with constant noise in my ears and I can truthfully say Tinnitus has touched just about every aspect of my life.

Unfortunately, having Tinnitus tends to also have an effect on your family and friends as irritability and depression can set in as part of your daily life.

Tinnitus 911 to the rescue

So, let us take a close look at Tinnitus 911. What is claimed, how are the claims made and furthermore, how can we trust what we are being told.

Tinnitus 911 was developed by Charlie Gines. However, it is alleged Charlie Gines does not exist! My opinion is, who cares if he exists or not and what his motivation is to use a pseudonym. I just don’t care if as long as Tinnitus 911 relieves the symptoms of Tinnitus.

The product is made by Phytage Labs. I know they exist and have a good reputation in the industry of manufacturing herbal supplements. So, this fact negates Charlie Gines. I hope you agree with me.

Tinnitus 911: What are the ingredients and how does it work?

Let me start by saying to you that Tinnitus is not a new condition. It has been around for centuries and because of this fact a search for its cure has been on going long before any of us where born. So, it is reasonable for us to expect that there is some credence to the ingredients being used in Tinnitus 911.

Ingredients such as Hibiscus when combined with other natural products such as Hawthorne are known to have calming anti-inflammatory properties. This has been accepted since the 18th century so I feel it is safe to say if this was known and accepted in the 18th century then we can accept the premise of the efficacy of these natural herbs today.

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Combined with 11 other powerful all-natural herbal and micro-nutrient enriched plant matter Tinnitus 911 has been able to take proven remedies and make a modern day supplement to cure Tinnitus.

The products used in Tinnitus 911 have properties that increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and supplement or immune system with missing nutrients.

The above ingredients work directly on the brain and more specifically by reducing inflammation around the sheaths that protect our nerves. As a result of abating inflammation, the symptoms of Tinnitus are reduced significantly if not eradicated completely.

Now, tell me objectively knowing what I have just told you and from doing your own research if Phytage Labs have been leading Tinnitus sufferers a stray with false claims? The answer is a categorical no. They have not and this is why we should not be taken in by negative comments by folks who do not suffer with Tinnitus.

Tinnitus 911: My experience as a consumer of this product

I have had Tinnitus for 20 years. Tinnitus 911 provided me with a cost effective opportunity to try something new to alleviate my symptoms of Tinnitus. My symptoms have at times been severe to the pint that I have not been able to work and even contemplated taking my own life.

Tinnitus 911 saved me and my family and friends from what I thought to be the most tragic circumstances possible. And I am sure you will agree suicide would have been a tragic end for everyone who knows me.

After only three weeks of taking Tinnitus 911, my symptoms had reduced by 75%. I followed the instructions to the letter. In parallel, I started to eat healthy and take gentle exercise. A further 12 weeks on my Tinnitus is cured and I feel great about every aspect of my life. My future looks rosy and my family is happy to have their father back.

Tinnitus 911 did I experience any side effects

Yes, I did feel side effects to taking Tinnitus 911 but they were all positive side effects and I feel healthy and invigorated as if I was in my mid-twenties.

Where can I buy Tinnitus 911?

There are a number of outlets online such as www.contura.com. But I would go to www.fighttinnitusnow.com. You can buy Tinnitus 911 for just 49.95 USD per bottle when buying in bulk.

Tinnitus 911 comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Closing Thoughts

For me, Tinnitus 911 has been a life saver and I cannot thank Phytage Labs enough for bringing this product to market.

Understand when it comes to taking supplements we are all different and our bodies metabolize and react in different ways. Perseverance may be the key to curing your Tinnitus.

Ignore the naysayers and try the product yourself if you don’t like the results, claim your money back through the guarantee.


Click Here To Visit The Tinnitus 911 Discount Offer (DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK)