Tinnitus and Hearing Loss: Are They Connected?

Tinnitus is a condition where you hear that irritating sound inside your ears. When you ask others if they hear the same thing, they will probably say no. You are hearing sounds that do not exist, and you do not know why it is happening to you.

Some people with tinnitus could not concentrate with what they need to do. Others feel like they are already crippled because of this medical problem to a point that they could not sleep well anymore.

There are different possible reasons for the existence of this problem. It could be due to stress and anxiety. When you are not mentally stable, the way your brain processes information could be compromised. Tinnitus is only one of the many possible side effects.

The severity of the problem depends on every case. For some people, they only hear faint sounds that go away after some time. Others hear loud noise that even affect their sleep. Not all symptoms are the same, and not everyone hears the same type of sounds.

Some people even worry that tinnitus could lead to hearing loss. When you constantly hear high-pitched ringing, is it possible for you to permanently loss your ability to hear?

Stress and anxiety

If tinnitus is caused by mental health issues, the possibility of hearing loss is low. When you treat your mental problems, you might start to not hear the loud ringing anymore.

You worry about a lot of things and the buzzing and hissing that you hear are only side effects of your mental problems. Seek help from a psychologist for counseling and see if it works.

Ear infection

Another possible reason for experiencing tinnitus is ear infection. When earwax starts to buildup, it could be behind the unreal sounds that you are hearing.

The problem is that these ear infections could cause different problems. Tinnitus and hearing loss are among them.

Exposure to loud sounds

Some people who were recently exposed to loud sounds start complaining about the existence of loud noise in their ear. Even when they are away from that environment anymore, the noise remains.

This could be a possible cause of hearing loss. It is not tinnitus itself that could lead to hearing loss, but it could be a symptom of something worse as a result of that exposure.

Other health issues

Although you hear the imaginary noise in your ears, it is not always your auditory system that has problems. It is possible for you to also have cardiovascular diseases, anemia or allergies.

You might not lose your hearing because of these health issues, but they are problems you also need to treat. Heart diseases, for instance, are way more serious.

You cannot take tinnitus lightly. Some people might say that after a while, the noise starts going away. Others experience the problem for months. Consult with your doctor to find out what is going on, and you can do to prevent the problem. You might receive hearing aids and medications as a result of the medical check.